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blue berry Carriacou Property Sale

BlueBerry Hill

Blue Berry Hill Estate–Carriacou, Grenadines, Grenada- FOR SALE

Majestic Blue Berry Hill Estate is a 17–acre parcel situated approximately three hundred ft. above sea level overlooking the post card village of Harvey Vale and dream anchorage Tyrell Bay. Blue Berry Hill stands alone in the exclusive Grenadines in terms of gorgeous hill top properties. Standing on a flat vista your heavenly views of the dream anchorage of Tyrell Bay and the regions ONLY  mangrove hurricane hole –coupled with new world class marina provides a view that is breathtaking to behold. Looking South from Blue Berry Hill your eyes gaze upon a turquoise sea and emerald chain of islands with mainland Grenada in the background.

For a once in a life time opportunity to own ONE of the Crown Jewels of Carriacou properties-contact us today.

Asking Price- $US4.5 million